How Are You Celebrating Independence Day?

Don’t Forget Our Troops in Iraq & Afghanistan

The 4th of July is meant to celebrate our freedom – freedom that we only have and maintain thanks to our brave troops who serve.

As Americans back home are taking a trip out of town for the weekend, enjoying fun in the sun, firing up the grill, and watching some fireworks, let’s not forget our troops in Afghanistan…ESPECIALLY ON INDEPENDENCE DAY. 

Let’s compare how our troops are spending their 4th of July Weekend…


Fireworks are a national tradition on the 4th of July. Back home, we can enjoy these amazing displays of pyrotechnics at parks, air bases, or other public places.  Many cities allow families to light their own fireworks in the street.


In Afghanistan our troops’ versions of fireworks today might look like this. It’s called a “Controlled Detonation”. An IED was luckily discovered and detonated from a safe distance before it kills more of our troops.

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Millions of Americans will attend religious services this weekend at synagogues, churches, temples and other houses of worship. Across the nation people listen to sermons and kneel to pray for wealth, their health, a promotion, more money, a new car, a chance to hit that lotto number.

Is there anything better than a nice barbeque in the backyard or a picnic at the park?

Thousands this weekend flock to parks and will hang out in the patio out back grilling up delicious hot dogs and hamburgers.


In Afghanistan our troops will be praying too, not in big beautiful churches, but huddled together outside their trucks ready to go out and meet the enemy. They are praying that they make it back alive and live to see the day when they can see their loved ones again.

Our troops in the field have to make due with M.R.E.s that come with a meager hot entrée, and usually a piece of bread or cracker. Luckily the packages come with salt and pepper, but even that isn’t always enough to make these MREs more than barely edible.

This is the time to send our troops a care package with personal care items like the durable Hooh-ahhs field towels and Sun Bum lip balm and sunblock. There’s also food items like thick cuts of savory beef jerky, refreshing Gatorade, Roger’s Family Company gourmet coffee and genuine Oreo or Girl Scout cookies to wake them up in the morning, as well as other delicious goodies. These care packages with a personal message written by you give our troops some comfort during their difficult deployments.

Don’t forget each donation is tax-deductible.

Don’t we all love to enjoy the outdoors? Back home we can enjoy a nice hike in the mountains and take in the sounds of the wildlife and the natural beauty of this magnificent land we live in.

In your leisure time, isn’t it nice to kick back and enjoy a day out on the lake fishing with your friends and family?

We love spending 4th of July weekend by talking with friends and family, or taking a refreshing dip in the lake.


Our troops spend their days climbing huge mountains out in Afghanistan. In the oppressive heat of Afghanistan, our troops have to tough it out with only the supplies they can carry with them on those dangerous and long mountain climbs.

In Afghanistan, our troops don’t get to spend their free time fishing or watching the big game. They spend their free time cleaning their weapons and making sure their equipment is in tip top shape. Their lives depend on it.

We depend on our troops to protect our freedoms and liberties from those who would destroy America and kill our families and fellow citizens if they could just get the chance. Our troops are the only thing standing in their way.This 4th of July weekend, think about how nice we have it here in America, all thanks to what our troops go through and what they sacrifice for us. These care packages are filled with only the best premium products and they are packed with loving care by our huge pool of dedicated volunteers. But most important of all, every care package comes with a personalized note of appreciation or encouragement, written by YOU.

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Happy Father’s Day from Troopathon

Salute Our Military Dads

Today is Father’s Day and it’s not too late to do something nice for military dads out there. Many military dads are spending today overseas unable to see their sons and daughters. Whether sons serving overseas, making their fathers proud, or dads serving to protect their families, we pray for the safety and success of all our troops this Father’s Day.

There are over 10,000 troops in Iraq & Afghanistan serving today in harm’s way. Many of them are military dads away from their families today. Support them and
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Take the time today to honor the thousands of military families who spent Father’s Day away from each other, because Dad is thousands of miles away fighting for the USA. All our troops deserve our love and support, why not say thanks by SENDING A THOUGHTFUL CARE PACKAGE full of great food and personal care items.

From a Ret. Army Colonel: A Father’s Day Far Away
By Col. Arthur C. Pace
Being a military father is a challenging role, and a daunting responsibility. These great Americans struggle to balance the calling of their country with the calling of their families. They rise before dawn to join their units for physical training. They return well into the evening when the day’s tasks are completed. They have little control over their day. They are routinely called to distant locations to train or to fight. One of the first sentences uttered by military children is often, “Goodbye Daddy.” Their wives realize – but choose not to think about – that each goodbye could indeed be the final one. Wives and children know that when their husband or father joined the military, he wrote a blank check to the United States, not for a dollar amount but rather in the currency of his own life. In his heart, he hopes the nation will never have to cash it.Col. Arthur Pace joined American Bible Society in August 2012 as the director of the Armed Service Ministry after serving more than 30 years in the United States Army.


Marine Reunited with Puppy He Rescued in Afghanistan

This is a heartwarming story about a soldier deployed in Afghanistan who found a helpless little puppy taking shelter on their Forward Operating Base and decided to care for him. That dog formed a bond with the soldier, Marine Sergeant Jacob Fischer, and helped him make it through a tough deployment. Now back in the United States, Marine Fischer wanted to adopt that puppy plucked from Afghanistan, who he named “Jax”.

Move America Forward has a special program to support the military war dogs and their handlers over in Afghanistan. The bond that forms  between a soldier and his military k9 is just like the bond JAX and Sergeant Fischer formed in Afghanistan.

Military Working Dogs have been used for years by our men and women in uniform deployed in Iraq and Afghanistan. These dogs highly trained and are instrumental in sniffing out IEDs, bomb making materials, patrolling, and standing guard. It’s as dangerous for these K-9’s as it is for our soldiers, especially in the harsh environment of Afghanistan. IED’s threaten our troops as well as the local Afghan civilians, so every bomb found by a K9 warrior means innocent lives are saved.
Furry or not we care for all of our troops. That’s why MAF offers special K-9 Care Packages for military dog teams on the front lines.

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Our K-9 care packages include special dog-goggles to protect their eyes from dirt and debris, chew toys, and doggie treats. Each box also has
a wonderful array of high quality food, snacks, and hygiene items for the human soldier as well.


Move America Forward is proud to have recognition from the Pet Industry Joint Advisory Council (PIJAC) for our efforts to support military working dogs and their handlers


Rush Limbaugh Confirmed Guest of Troopathon 2015

MAJOR ANNOUNCEMENT: Rush Limbaugh confirmed!
Great news everyone!We’ve just received confirmation that the most important radio personality in America, the legendary Rush Limbaugh, will participate in Troopathon 2015!Rush has been an extremely critical asset to every Troopathon we’ve held and we continue to count on his support to make Troopathon a success. Without Rush Limbaugh and his huge audience, we would be hard pressed to get the word out to as many people!Will you join Rush in supporting Troopathon and our effort to send the largest shipment of care packages ever to the brave men and women of the military?

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Getting Rush’s support for Troopathon is a monumental boost but we need your help if we are going to be successful in providing our troops the love and support they so desperately deserve.

Share this e-mail with your friends and spread the news that we’ve got Rush Limbaugh this year, and he wants us all to join together in support of our troops and send a huge shipment of care packages to help them get through the hot summer!

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Help Our Troops in 117 Degree Heat


Help Our Troops Cool Off!

With thousands of US troops still in Iraq and Afghanistan, they are beginning to feel the Summer heat coming on, and it’s more than just the temperature rising! Not only is it harder for our troops to keep cool, but Taliban and Al Qaeda attacks are much more frequent during the summer. Temperatures are well into the hundreds every day now, so the troops need our help to bear the extreme heat!


This is not the time to let our troops down! Help keep our troops cool by sending these care packages full of useful items to help them get through a tough 9-12 month deployment! These care packages have lots of great items chosen specifically to help the troops keep cool in the hot Afghan summer.

Gatorade is a refreshing and rejuvenating beverage, replacing critical electrolytes that our troops lose when they sweat in the hot sun.

According to the Marine Corps Survival Manual, each individual in the field in Afghanistan needs to consume at least 2.6 gallons of water per day in order to remain healthy.


Wow, that’s an incredible amount of water right!? That’s because the Summer is so hot and our troops are so active, working so hard. Having a bag of Gatorade in a powder that you can easily mix with your water makes those 2.6 gallons taste a lot better and adds electrolytes!

Our care packages also come with these handy Hoo-Ahhs Field Towels which are HEAVY DUTY wet wipes that withstand the harsh conditions of Afghanistan where simple baby wipes just won’t cut it. These field towels are so durable, they can even be re-used.

Now imagine coming back from a 5 or 6 hour patrol in the hot sun, surviving contact with the enemy, but you get back to base and you’re fully drenched in sweat. These Hoo-Ahhs Field Towels are a godsend to a soldier or Marine who needs a quick field shower to wipe off that sweat and freshen up before the next patrol.

In addition, our care packages also come with a strong deodorant and antiperspirant, lip balm, and sun block to help cope with the heat! That’s not even mentioning the great favorites like Oreo Cookies and premium Painted Hills beef jerky!

Yes, a care package from Move America Forward is the perfect way to beat the heat if you’re on deployment in Afghanistan. These packages are especially important to get to our troops in the forward operating bases, because most of the PX stores have been closed on most bases.

We have some really awesome SPF 15 Sun Screen and SPF 30 Lip Balm by Sun Bum.This brand is great because they’re oil free and moisture-resistant, so when the soldier wearing them sweats, the sun screen won’t wipe off like with other brands.


There’s also the high quality Hooh-Ahhs field towels, with moisture in them so if troops do get sweaty or hot, they can take a refreshing field shower.

These moisturized field towels are a thousand times better than flimsy wet wipes that are too small to be useful and often tear easily.

And don’t forget about the Gatorade mix so our troops can replenish some much needed fluid and electrolytes with a refreshing, cool, and great tasting drink!

With thousands of troops still serving in Iraq and Afghanistan they need our help to keep cool in the hot Middle Eastern sun!

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Troops Overseas Need Your Help!


Time is running out to send support to our troops on the front lines! Memorial Day will be here one week from now so send your donations in now! Memorial Day is one of the most important military holidays of the year and as such we have to let our troops know that we support them.

We must pray for our troops overseas, they’re fighting the terrorists there so that we don’t have to fight them here. The least we can do in return for their sacrifice is send a care package to the troops on the front lines!

Temperatures in the Iraq and Afghanistan are already up to thermometer-busting levels! You can help though, because care packages from Move America Forward come with lots of great items to help our troops BEAT THE HEAT.

From sunblock, lip balm, and deodorant to durable and refreshing pre-wet field towels. And, of course, we still include tasty treats and snacks to give our heroes a taste of home!

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Help Sailors Aboard USS Theodore Roosevelt

About three weeks ago the USS Theodore Roosevelt was dispatched to the Gulf of Aden off the coast of Yemen to stop the flow of Iranian weapons and material support to the Houthi rebels that have taken control of Yemen by bloodthirsty aggression.

Move America Forward had received some requests directly from the sailors aboard the USS THEODORE ROOSEVELT and we sent some care packages their way.

Today, we received a reply back with this photo of the crew of the big aircraft carrier.

These sailors are still in the path of Iran’s Navy and we are now preparing to send more support – make a donation now to get your care package on board this shipment! Hurry!

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