Did You See What SF 49ers and Weber Grill Did to Help the Troops?


We are pleased to announce that our Troopathon Giveaway winners have been selected and thanks to their generous donations to the troops will be receiving special prizes from two very PRO-TROOP Organizations that went above and beyond this year to help Move America Forwards 6th Annual Troopathon!!!

Tonight’s Troopathon is going to be an amazing show and we hope you all tune in at www.troopathon.org to watch. For a special treat this year we have 3 amazing giveaways – and here’s how to win them!

Congratulations: BRENDA H. – Danville, CA

Her donation qualified her to win the limited edition Wilson “The Duke” Military Appreciation 49ers Football with a camouflage NFL ribbon on the side


Congratulations: BUCK O. – Tucson, AZ

His generous Donation to the troops qualified and won a brand new Weber E-310 Spirit Grill from the leaders in American Grilling
We had a great Troopathon and a lot of special moments but ultimately the big winners are the troops, thanks to the items donated above we estimate an additional 10,000 dollars in donations came in.Our troops on the front lines need your help today!
Donate to support our troops and make a difference in an young patriots life!



Winner of AR-15 Giveaway Announced


MAF is proud to announce the conclusion of our TROOPATHON AR-15 GIVEAWAY made possible by STAG ARMS. We made this special giveaway free and available in order to help spread the word about Troopathon and our efforts to support the troops overseas! Thousands of patriots signed up to win and we are pleased to announce that one of them has been selected and notified!

Congratulations to Jim E. of Michigan whose name was picked by random drawing as winner of the STAG ARMS AR-15! Jim will have a choice of 3 different STAG ARMS models, each available in left-handed or right-handed configuration.

When notified as being the winner, Jim E. had this to say:

“I’m super grateful! My family and I love to enjoy the outdoors and shooting together. I support our troops 100% and I hope they all come home safely.”

- Jim E. Winner of STAG ARMS AR-15

Big thanks go out to STAG ARMS for making this possible and to all those patriots who entered to win. Remember that the end goal of our campaign is to show support for our troops overseas so please consider making a donation to our organization in the form of care packages!

When you sponsor a tax-deductible care package through our website, our volunteers will send a care package to our troops on the front lines on your behalf. For as little as $24.99 you can make a differnece to one of our brave military men and women overseas. Please support our troops today!







We Still Need Your Help!


Please help! It’s now been a week since we held our 6th Annual Troopathon fundraiser for the troops. After raising a total of $344,463, we’ve tried to keep it going over the weekend but we are still $55,537 away from reaching our goal of $400,000.


If you missed the show, it’s all recorded and available at www.ustream.tv/troopathon!

In this time of divisive politics and never ending scandals, it seems like politics is everything these days. Every news story turns into a way for politicians to gain political capital by using it to articulate or prove their point of view. Meanwhile our troops are forgotten.

Our troops don’t fight political battles because they’re busy fighting real battles against real terrorist threats. They don’t play politics – they do their job to keep America safe.

For just one day can we pause the political battles and remember that America is ACTUALLY STILL IN A REAL WAR?

Both sides — the right and the left — should be able to agree that the freedoms and liberty we have in America are worth fighting for. Let’s put aside our difference and come together to support our troops, who fight for the freedom and safety of all Americans, regardless of ideology!


If we can’t reach our goal by the 27th, we’re letting down our troops on the front lines, and missing an opportunity to send them much needed support during the hot summer. Won’t you donate a care package to help us reach our g
oal and send our troops the support they need?

Thank you for all the support from everyone here at Move America Forward. On behalf of our hosts, Governor Mike Huckabee, Melanie Morgan, Larry O’Connor, Debbie Lee, all of our volunteers, and most of all our troops on the front lines, thank you for your support!

Troopathon Announces Mike Huckabee and Larry O’Connor

Troopathon Announces Guests Hosts
Mike Huckabee and Larry O’Connor


We are happy to announce to you that for this, our 6th annual Troopathon, we will be welcoming Mike Huckabee and Larry O’Connor as co-hosts. Because of their continuing dedication to all of our men and women in uniform serving overseas, Larry and Governor Huckabee will be joining the stage with Melanie Morgan and Debbie Lee to host the 8 hour Troopathon event coming up June 27th!

Guests are signing up and many others are
inviting their friends to Help Our Troops NOW!!!
They are fighting hard for us. Send them the comforts
of home and a personal message of support!!!

At last year’s Troopathon 5, Governor Mike Huckabee gave Troopathon a massive boost by welcoming our own Debbie Lee on to his show for an interview on his top-rated radio show. Mike has stepped up his commitment to our troops overseas by agreeing to take a much bigger role as a co-host instead of guest.

Lieutenant Governor Mike became Governor of Arkansas in 1996 after previous Democratic Governor Jim Tucker was convicted of fraud in the Clinton Whitewater scandal and resigned. After completing the remainder of Tucker’s term, he was re-elected in 1998 and again in 2002.

As a Presidential hopeful vying for the Republican nomination in 2008, Governor Huckabee ran a strong campaign, winning the all-important Iowa caucuses as well as several key states like West Virginia and Kentucky. Although the nomination would eventually go to Senator John McCain of Arizona, Governor Huckabee showed himself to be a strong leader with a massive base of supporters. Most importantly he was a consistent and faithful supporter of our troops and their missions to defeat Al Qaeda and other terrorist groups in Iraq and Afghanistan.


Debbie Lee on the Mike Huckabee Radio Show to Promote Troopathon

Larry O’Connor is the Editor-in-Chief of Breitbart.tv, encompassing all the great blogs we love like Big Hollywood, Big Journalism, and of course Big Peace and others. Larry began working with Andrew Breitbart in 2009 when he started writing for Big Hollywood and was promoted to Editor-in-Chief in 2011.

In 2010 Larry began his first radio show “Stage Right” and has filled in for dozens of great conservative talk show hosts. He is now a permanent host of “Mornings on the Mall” on WMAL Radio with co-host Brian Wilson.

Andrew was a dear friend and a hero to the movement. After his sad passing in 2012 we were all heartbroken, especially Larry who was one of Andrew’s closest friends. But after that tragedy, Larry took on an even bigger role and we are extremely proud to welcome him to the Troopathon to continue the longstanding and close partnership between Move America Forward and Breitbart.tv.

Our troops are serving in some of the most dangerous places to be in the world, where the Taliban and their Al Qaeda allies continue to try and destabilize a nation, to bring back a safe haven for radical Islam where extremists can train, plot, and launch attacks against the nations of the Western world, primarily the United States.

Our mission is to send care packages to support those brave troops! For as little as $25 you can send support to a Soldier, Marine, Airman, Sailor, or Guardsman serving overseas. Each package contains lots of goodies and helpful items that our troops appreciate, such as coffee, cookies, beef jerky, deodorant, wet wipes and more!

Announcing Stag Arms AR Rifle Giveaway Sweepstakes

CONTACT: Danny Gonzalez | (714) 926-6189 | danny@MoveAmericaForward.org

Sacramento, Calif. – Move America Forward the nation’s largest grassroots pro-troop organization, is proud to announce the Troopathon AR-15 Giveaway Sweepstakes thanks to the generous support of our newest Troopathon 6: “Salute Our Troops” sponsor STAG ARMS: World Wide Leader in Manufacturing.

The non-profit group will be giving away one AR-15 rifle by STAG ARMS to one lucky winner to be announced on the Troopathon 6 live broadcast June 27, 2013 at the Richard M. Nixon Presidential Library in Yorba Linda, California. The group hopes that the offer of a free AR rifle will increase awareness about their efforts to support troops on the front lines in Afghanistan with care packages from home.

Founded in May 2003 by Mark Malkowski with the goal to manufacture reliable 100% American made AR-15 rifles, Stag Arms quickly grew into a market leader and one of the largest firearms manufacturers in the United States. They proudly support our military.

“Stag Arms is synonymous with High Quality and American made, we are honored to have them as a sponsor of this year’s Troopathon, and as a Pro-Troop Organization it only made sense considering what kind of company STAG ARMS is, as a company they are dedicated to supporting our military and in addition to military discounts but all their guns are 100% America Made. Our viewers and supporters want pro-troop companies to step up and Stag Arms did just that by giving one lucky person a top of the line AR-15” Said Scott Raab.

Troopathon 6 – Salute Our Troops” is an 8-hour long fundraiser hosted by Mike Huckabee, Melanie Morgan, Larry O’Connor and Gold Star Mom Debbie Lee, that brings together pro-troop personalities live from the Richard M. Nixon Presidential Library in Yorba Linda, California on Thursday June 27, 2013 from 1-9PM PST (4-9PM Eastern) via the web and simulcast on selected radio stations. This will be the third year the Nixon Library has hosted Troopathon.

Troopathon Aims to Send Care Packages to Troops Overseas

CONTACT: Danny Gonzalez | (714) 926-6189 | danny@MoveAmericaForward.org

Sacramento, Calif.  – Move America Forward, the nation’s largest pro-troop grassroots organization, has announced their 6th star-studded live fundraiser that helps send care packages to American troops deployed in war zones overseas.

“Troopathon 6  – Salute Our Troops” is an 8-hour long fundraiser that brings together pro-troop movie stars, TV personalities, elected officials, professional athletes, musicians, talk radio hosts and many other supporters to encourage viewers to sponsor care packages for the troops serving overseas through the group’s website (www.troopathon.org) or by phone at (866) 866-6372.

Executive Producer Melanie Morgan said, “The Troopathon is unique in that it brings together popular actors, TV and radio hosts, foreign policy experts, musicians, professional athletes, retired military personnel and many others for one event. The big names are exciting, but the cause we come together to support is incredibly important.  With over 68,000 troops still on the ground in Afghanistan, we cannot forget their continued service and sacrifice. Move America Forward remains steadfast in our commitment to supporting our troops in harm’s way!”

Morgan will be joined this year by special co-hosts — former Governor and Presidential contender Mike Huckabee and radio host Larry O’Connor, Editor-in-Chief of the Breitbart.tv media network. Huckabee and O’Connor have joined Troopathon to co-host for the first time. Gold-Star Mom Debbie Lee, whose son Marc Alan Lee was the first US Navy SEAL to be killed in the Iraq war, will also join as returning co-host.

In recent years, the Troopathon guest list featured such big-name celebrities as Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Mark Levin, Laura Ingraham, Dr. Laura, Former President George H.W. Bush, Governor Sarah Palin, Gary Sinise, Kelsey Grammar, John Ondrasik, Mike “Coach K” Krzyzewski, Dennis Miller, and more.

“Troopathon 6 – Salute The Troops” will be produced and broadcast live from the Richard M. Nixon Presidential Library in Yorba Linda, California on Thursday June 27, 2013 from 1-9PM PST (4-9PM Eastern) via the web and simulcast on selected radio stations. This will be the third year the Nixon Library has hosted Troopathon.

The first Troopathon in 2008 raised an unprecedented $1.2 million in care packages for the troops. Through 2012, Troopathon events have raised over $3.5M in sponsorships, enabling the group to send over 215 TONS of care packages to troops overseas. Care packages include letters of support along with high quality food and personal care items like special “Freedom Blend” gourmet coffee, OREO® cookies, beef jerky, Gatorade®, Planters® nuts, Jelly Belly® jelly beans, Hoo-Ahhs® field towels, lip balm, deodorant, sun block, and many other useful items requested by the troops.

Troopathon will officially go live on June 27th filmed on location at the Richard M. Nixon Presidential Library in Orange County, California.

To arrange an interview with Melanie Morgan or another Troopathon spokesperson, contact Danny Gonzalez at (714) 926-6189 or danny@moveamericaforward.org

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For Press Inquiries Contact:

Danny Gonzalez, Director of Communicationsdanny@moveamericaforward.org
(714) 926-6189