Troops Overseas Need Your Help!


Time is running out to send support to our troops on the front lines! Memorial Day will be here one week from now so send your donations in now! Memorial Day is one of the most important military holidays of the year and as such we have to let our troops know that we support them.

We must pray for our troops overseas, they’re fighting the terrorists there so that we don’t have to fight them here. The least we can do in return for their sacrifice is send a care package to the troops on the front lines!

Temperatures in the Iraq and Afghanistan are already up to thermometer-busting levels! You can help though, because care packages from Move America Forward come with lots of great items to help our troops BEAT THE HEAT.

From sunblock, lip balm, and deodorant to durable and refreshing pre-wet field towels. And, of course, we still include tasty treats and snacks to give our heroes a taste of home!

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Help Sailors Aboard USS Theodore Roosevelt

About three weeks ago the USS Theodore Roosevelt was dispatched to the Gulf of Aden off the coast of Yemen to stop the flow of Iranian weapons and material support to the Houthi rebels that have taken control of Yemen by bloodthirsty aggression.

Move America Forward had received some requests directly from the sailors aboard the USS THEODORE ROOSEVELT and we sent some care packages their way.

Today, we received a reply back with this photo of the crew of the big aircraft carrier.

These sailors are still in the path of Iran’s Navy and we are now preparing to send more support – make a donation now to get your care package on board this shipment! Hurry!

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