MAF Visits Military Dog Teams at Travis AFB

As you know, military working dogs are a very important part of the wide spectrum of operations of our military forces. Dogs have been used in a military and peacekeeping role since ancient times and our troops today continue the tradition of man’s best friend on the battlefield.

MAF honors our four-legged troops with our K9 Care Package program, which we introduced in 2011 when we saw the importance of military dogs serving in Iraq and Afghanistan. Our K9 care package program remains strong and continues to grow!

These special K9 care packs include special items for a military working dog as well as food and personal care items for the dog handler, just like regular troop care packages.

The dog items are take center stage, with chew toys, dog treats, and protective “DOGGLES” K9 eye-protection.

We hope you will keep our military dogs in your thoughts and send a care package for them along with the rest of our brave troops on the front lines.

MAF staffers had a rare opportunity to visit and talk with some actual military working dog teams today at California’s Travis Air Force Base. Communications Director Danny Gonzalez and Outreach Director Scott Raab spent the day taking a tour of the base kennels and training facilities where troops learn how to control and care for these highly trained k9 troops.

Here are some great pictures of our visit with the military dogs at Travis AFB today:

We also took advantage of the opportunity to learn a lot about the military’s working dog programs, and how they are used in the war on terror.We learned some interesting facts: For example, did you know that not all military dogs are big tough breeds like the iconic German Shepherds or Belgian Malinois?

In fact, the military utilizes several small breeds like Jack Russell Terriers to sniff out contraband or hazardous materials on cramped submarines and other sea-going vessels.