Rush Limbaugh Participating in Troopathon


Great news everyone! We’ve just received confirmation that the most important radio personality in America, the legendary Rush Limbaugh, will participate in Troopathon 2014!

Rush has been an extremely critical asset to every Troopathon we’ve held and we continue to count on his support to make Troopathon a success. Without Rush Limbaugh and his huge audience, we would be hard pressed to get the word out to as many people as we otherwise could!

Rush has been on the airwaves since 1984 when he made his start in Sacramento, but he quickly built his show into the number one listened to radio talk show in America, where he continues today, as the biggest name in conservative talk. He’s on over 600 stations nationwide, and millions tune in every day to get the latest news and hear the perspective of one of radio’s most respected minds…RUSH!

Rush is an extremely generous supporter of our troops, but he’s not one to toot his own horn, so you may not hear about it all the time…but let us tell you the truth – he does so much for our men and women in uniform, more than we can even tell you.

Getting Rush on our show is a monumental boost, and it’s sure to help our troops – so we’ve got to spread the word. Share this e-mail with your friends and spread the news that we’ve got Rush Limbaugh this year, and he wants us all to join together in support of our troops and send a huge shipment of care packages to help them get through the hot summer!

Sending care packages is a way that YOU can help also… we have only one day left to reach our goal of $100,000 before Troopathon ends! Please Donate Now!

Come see Rush Limbaugh live on Troopathon! Make sure you tune in tomorrow at 1pm Pacific / 4pm Eastern and simply watch the stream at You don’t want to miss this intimate conversation with El Rushbo himself!