Troopathon…What it’s all about

Troopathon 9 “Care Packages for Our Heroes”

Troopathon is a month-long fundraising event held by Move America Forward to send care packages to the troops overseas for the Summer. Our goal is to send care packages to every deployed serviceman or woman overseas fighting the War on Terror.

After the month-long drive, Troopathon culminates in an 6-hour live broadcast that takes the form of an interview show with dozens of pro-troop celebrity guests. This year’s broadcast will go live from Move America Forward’s headquarters and operations center in Sacramento, CA.

Some Useful Facts About Troopathon:

star_ico_red Troopathon is a non-partisan non-political effort. We work with celebrities from Hollywood, television, the music industry, sports heroes and athletes, bloggers, journalists, radio personalities, academics, experts in the field, and elected officials to bring together a wide variety of guests to support our troops.

star_ico_red Past Troopathon events have raised over $4.5 million for our troops. Last year, Troopathon 8 raised over $349,000 but we’d like to beat that total this year!

star_ico_red Last year’s Troopathon was hosted by Melanie Morgan who continues to be a voice for our troops through her career behind the microphone at KSRO radio in Santa Rosa. She was joined by TV news anchor and correspondent Rita Cosby, as co-host. Until his sad passing, Andrew Breitbart was a close member of the Troopathon family and co-hosted every year!

star_ico_red Past Troopathons have included an amazing array of guests from every type of industry. Some of our notable past guests have included:

Past & Current Navy SEALs
Michelle Malkin
Laura Ingraham
Lars Larson
Mark Levin
Andrea Shea King
Ann Coulter
Sean Hannity
Dr. Laura Schlessinger
Tammy Bruce
Sarah Palin
Charlie Daniels
John Ratzenberger
Kelsey Gramer
Gary Sinise
Jon Voight
Kevin Farley
John Ondrasik
Gavin DeGraw
Curtis Sliwa
Rush Limbaugh
Mike “Coach K” Krzyzewski
Greg Gutfield
Monica Crowley
Gerald McRaney
Buzz Aldrin
Robert Davi
Pat Sajak
Wayne Newton
Ambassador John Bolton
Dennis Miller
Many More!

star_ico_red Care Packages sponsored through Troopathon are the easiest way to donate to the troops. No running to the store, no confusing customs forms and postal regulations. Simply donate with your credit card and MAF’s team of dedicated volunteers will send the care packages on your behalf. Remember, all donations are tax-deductible!

star_ico_red Each care package includes a special note written by each donor expressing their appreciation for the sacrifice our troops make. Packages can be sponsored for as low as $25 for a single serviceman, up to $1,000 for a Corps Pack which will serve up to 60 soldiers, marines, sailors and airmen.

star_ico_red We are proud of the success we’ve had in fighting to make America an even greater nation. Unlike those who constantly criticize our great nation and our military men and women, we see a future where freedom and liberty create endless opportunities for Americans and our friends and allies in a more secure world.

We have over 18,000 troops serving in Iraq & Afghanistan, waiting for care packages from home to remind them of what they’re fighting for and why they are making such enormous sacrifices.

We continue to support the mission of US troops in Iraq who are helping the Iraqis get trained and equipped to take on ISIS. Make sure to take some time and honor the sacrifice of these heroes.CLICK HERE TO SEND A CARE PACKAGE to the troops who are still in harm’s way – the ones who are carrying on where their fellow troops left off.